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Company Overview

A&M Systems is a privately held corporation specializing in the design and manufacturing of doors and door actuators for the bus industry.  A&M was formed in 1995 when its founders created a beautifully simple and elegant design of bus door actuators.  The problem-free nature of the design soon established it as the premier choice for bus manufacturers.  In more recent times, A&M partners have taken their design philosophy and applied it the door leaves. 

A&M Systems now leads the industry in the production and delivery of manual and electric door actuators and door flops.

Design Approach

We established three principles that govern our design processes:

bulletUncompromised Quality
bulletProblem-free Operation

We carefully engineer our products to operate smoothly and reliably while eliminating the problem-prone and complex design elements that plague our competitors' products.

The result is a simple and elegant product that has become the #1 choice for bus manufacturers.

Contact Information

A&M Systems, Inc

4121 Eastland Dr

Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: 574.522.5000

Fax: 574.522.9099



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